The AGXSi series of devices lets you enjoy the sounds around you without missing a moment, hear effortlessly in any situation, experience richer music, and enjoy enhanced connectivity.

AGXSi NX Series

Enjoy the sounds around you without missing a moment of your lively conversations.

AGXSi PX Series

Hear effortlessly in any situation and enjoy enhanced connectivity.


Enjoy access to all the sounds around you, even in noisy environments.

A World of Accessories


Control your streaming options with this simple button. The easyTek lets you switch listening programs and audio-streaming sources, answer phone calls, and control the volume of your hearing technology.

easyTek App

Do everything you can do with the easyTek button and more — discreetly on your phone.


Discreetly control the volume or adjust the settings of your hearing aids from a remote small enough to fit on a keychain.

touchControl App

Adjust the volume, change settings, or change programs discreetly with your smartphone.

TV Streamer

Stream audio from your Bluetooth®-enabled TV directly to your hearing aids. With the TV Streamer you can listen to the TV at the volume you want while the others in the room listen at a volume comfortable for them.


Put your rechargeable hearing aids in the eCharger at night, and by morning they’re recharged, dehumidified, and ready for another day.

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