The AGXR devices adapt to you instead of making you adapt to them — they’ll change the way you think about hearing technology.

AGXR Q Series

Virtually limitless sound experience with clearer, fuller sounds and unrivaled full-spectrum streaming.

AGXR N Series

Enjoy robust amplification, advanced sound clarity, and natural situational awareness.

A World of Accessories

Micro Mic and Multi Mic

Give your listening power a boost with these two powerful but discreet devices. The Micro Mic is a clip-on microphone that your conversation partner wears to improve your ability to hear them in a noisy environment. The Multi Mic is not just a clip-on — place it on the table so you can hear what everyone at your table is saying, use it to connect to a loop or FM system, or use the mini-jack input to stream from almost any sound source.

Phone Clip+

No more dropped words misunderstandings — with the Phone Clip+, stream audio from your Bluetooth®-enabled cell or smartphone directly to your hearing aids.

AGXR Attune

Personalize the details of your hearing experience. With everything you need for discreet and quick adjustments, you are in control of how you experience the sounds around you. Adjust volume, geotag locations, and more from the palm of your hand.

Audigy Assist

With Audigy Assist, you can connect directly with your hearing care professional through the AGXR Attune app. Send requests for fine-tuning adjustments and get updated settings straight from your hearing care professional — without an office visit.

TV Streamer 2

Stream audio from your Bluetooth-enabled TV directly to your hearing aids. With the TV Streamer 2, you can listen to the TV at the volume you want while the others in the room listen at a volume comfortable for them.

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