AGXR H Series

The AGXR H provides an individualized sound experience with a more natural sound and improved sense of space — plus access to remote hearing care services.

Enjoy Virtual Appointments

Use the AGX Attune app’s Audigy Assist Live Assistance to have live, face-to-face appointments in the comfort of your home.

Stream Your World’s Sounds

Stream phone calls, music, and more to your hearing devices from your smartphone or from a host of wireless accessories.

Understand Speech Better

Decide when to concentrate on the speech in front of you while minimizing background noise, even in the toughest environments.

The World’s Most Organic Hearing Aid

AGXr H with M&RIE is the first hearing aid* with three microphones, including one in the ear, allowing the unique shape of your ear to collect sound organically, so you hear more naturally in every environment.

*Microphone in ear and two standard directional microphones, directionality features, wireless audio streaming.

Small. Sleek. Comfortable.

The AGXR H series is available in a mini rechargeable receiver-in-ear style and two replaceable-battery receiver-in-ear styles in an array of colors for every sensibility.

AGXR Hearing aids
AGX Attune App
AGXR Rechargable
AGXR H Series

Investment Protection

Purchasing AGX hearing aids means you get the AGX Protection Plan.

  • 75-day adjustment
  • 75-day retraining
  • 75-day upgrade protection program†
  • Battery program**
  • Warranty coverage*
  • Loss and damage insurance*

†On AGX3, AGX5, AGX7
*3 years for AGX3, AGX5, AGX7, AGX9
**AGX1, AGX3 = 1 year; AGX5, AGX7, AGX9 = 3 years

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