AGXR H Series

Hear the way you’re used to hearing with the AGXR H, which uses your ear’s unique shape to collect and funnel sound organically — as only your ear can.

Hear Effortlessly Anywhere

Whether at a busy grocery store or on a windy nature walk, you can easily target voices and filter out extra noise — yes, even the wind.

Stay Connected

Stream audio from a mobile device to your hearing aids so that you clearly hear loved ones, coworkers, and providers on video calls.

Recharge and Go

The recharging station means your hearing aids will always be ready to wear, and they can last all day on one charge.

It’s Your World. Hear It Your Way.

With today’s hearing aids, microphones sit just outside or behind your ear — not in your ear canal — so your hearing isn’t as natural. Until now. The technological breakthrough in the AGXR H allows an extra microphone to be placed inside your ear canal, so your hearing is individualized and natural — the way you’re used to hearing.

Small. Sleek. Comfortable.

The AGXR H series is available in a rechargeable receiver-in-canal style and two replaceable-battery receiver-in-canal styles in an array of colors for every sensibility.

AGXR Hearing aids
AGXR Rechargable
AGX Attune App
AGXR H Series

Investment Protection

Purchasing AGX hearing aids means you get the AGX Protection Plan.

  • 75-day adjustment
  • 75-day retraining
  • 75-day upgrade protection program†
  • Battery program**
  • Warranty coverage*
  • Loss and damage insurance*

†On AGX3, AGX5, AGX7
*3 years for AGX3, AGX5, AGX7, AGX9
**AGX1, AGX3 = 1 year; AGX5, AGX7, AGX9 = 3 years

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