The AGXW pushes the barriers of what you can hear with hearing aids: louder and softer sounds. More conversation. In fact, all the important sound details in all your lifescapes.

AGXW U Series

Comfortably hear more sounds wherever, whenever.

AGXW E Series

Experience empowerment with pure sound effortlessly tailored to your life.

A World of Accessories

COM-DEX Remote Mic

Stream audio using this discreet mic that can be placed near your conversation partner or clipped to their clothing. Plus, control the volume of your hearing aids using the remote mic.


Stream audio from any Bluetooth® device to your hearing aid with COM-DEX, a hands-free device that hangs around your neck.


Control volume and hearing aid settings, monitor COM-DEX battery status, and stream music discreetly from your smartphone.


Insert the CALL-DEX into the earphone jack of your smartphone to stream calls directly to your hearing aids.


UNI-DEX can be worn around your neck and streams audio to your hearing aids from any device that has a mini jack on it, not just your smartphone.


PHONE-DEX is a traditional wireless phone that streams the call directly to your hearing aids, or it can be used as a regular phone.


Use the TV-DEX to stream TV and audio directly to your hearing aids without distortion or echoes. You can even use the “Room Off” function to turn off your hearing aid’s microphones so all you hear is the streamed audio from the TV, not the sounds around you.


RC-DEX is a remote control small enough to fit on your keychain for discreet, intuitive adjustments of your hearing technology.


T-DEX is a wireless neck loop that uses your hearing aids’ telecoil function to connect with cell and smartphones.


Whether from an FM receiver, a telecoil, or a line-in, audio can be streamed directly to your hearing technology with the FM+DEX.

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