Hear the holidays

Holiday season brings friends and family members together to celebrate and connect with each other. If you or someone you love is experiencing hearing difficulty, you might find these family gatherings frustrating instead of treasuring this time together. Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the ears; it brings on so many emotions, including embarrassment and frustration when you are unable to participate in conversation with your loved ones. Family members express the same concerns when trying to communicate with their loved one who is having the difficulty. Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States and can affect anyone at any age. Untreated hearing loss has been associated with depression, isolation, and cognitive decline. Sadly, most people wait at least seven years to treat it. Now is the time to do something about it!

When it comes to purchasing hearing devices, most patients consider it a “retail purchase,” and that they can just be bought off the shelf. But a hearing aid cannot offer the full benefits without a trained professional to program that aid, teach you how to use it, and manipulate it specifically for you and the listening environments that are most important to you. Hearing loss is a health problem, requiring a health care professional to treat it. Hearing devices are not “one size fits all.” The ability to integrate your devices with your lifestyle is essential to achieving better hearing, and a doctor of audiology is the most qualified professional to do this. Your investment in better hearing should be measured by the results you experience every day.

Just because hearing loss is common doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated as soon as possible. Why wait? Improve your quality of life, be engaged in group and family conversations, and love the way you hear this year! Call your local AudigyCertified™ practice today!

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