“How Do I Know if My Hearing Aids are Working?”

A great question

I had a patient ask me this a while back. He had worn hearing aids for a number of years, and when we fit him with new hearing aids, he was impressed with how much of an improvement there was. As AudigyCertified™ professionals, we’re sticklers for follow-up appointments to ensure that each patient’s new technology is working properly. We were working on an improvement for his when he posed the question, “How do I know if my hearing aids are working optimally?” There are multiple ways we try to answer that:

Objective testing

We test the hearing aids in the patient’s ears to make sure they’re providing enough power to hear during necessary daily activities. This alone tells us a great deal about how well the hearing aid is working.

Subjective testing

We have the patient wear the hearing aids during daily life and provide us with feedback on whether soft speech is still clear and whether loud sounds are too loud. This is our best test in making sure that our patients are hearing exactly the way they should.

Follow-up appointments

Because there are myriad ways hearing aids can be tweaked and adjusted to make sure each person is hearing their best, your AudigyCertified provider should do everything possible to guarantee that you are 100% satisfied with your hearing devices.

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