The Road to Better Hearing: It Starts With People

“I want to be able to hear again.”

It’s the reason millions of Americans visit hearing care practices every year. Yet, sadly, most are disappointed with how things turn out. The hearing aids they purchase with their hard-earned money either flat-out don’t work, or the benefit they receive doesn’t live up to their expectations — or to the promises of the dispenser’s glitzy advertisements and mailers.

A decade and a half into the 21st century, four and a half decades after we landed on the moon and more than 100 years since the Wright Brothers first defied Earth’s gravity, we should have the technology to fix hearing difficulties, right?

You might expect the word “wrong” here, but you’d be, er, wrong.

We do have the technology to correct almost all hearing difficulties, both in the diagnostics (the testing) and in treatment (hearing aid technology).

The problem lies with the people who are doing the testing, the dispensing, and the servicing of the hearing aids and the patients. That is because much of the hearing care industry has devolved into a transactional process, rather than putting the needs of the patients first and foremost.

Notice that I did not say “all” of the industry. There are some bright spots — and one of those is Audigy Group, with its AudigyCertified™ member practices and their ongoing practice development and training in patient care.

In fact, my entire team and I have just returned from two full days of this training at Audigy Group’s headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. It was the first training for the newest member of our team at North State Audiological Services, the second or beyond for others on our staff, and while I may have lost count of how many of these events I have been to, it never ceases to amaze me that there is always something new to learn!

But no matter how good the training, it would be useless without the right people — people who really care, who come to work every day with the goal of changing their patients’ lives for the better. I — and our patients — are blessed to have some of the most caring, dedicated, passionate, hard-working hearing care professionals I have known in over 30 years in this profession.

Here, in their own words, is why they so enjoy doing what they do:

Traci Long, M.A., CCC-A, Licensed Audiologist: “I believe helping people hear again is one of the greatest gifts I can ever give, and, in turn, I experience so much joy in educating our patients through this process. There is just something so very special about restored hearing that gives a person a new lease on life, and I’m honored to be part of that journey.”

Aubrey Lee, Audiology Aide and Patient Care Liaison: “The best part of my job is when a patient leaves our office so relieved and happy that they can now hear better, and their lives — and the lives of their loved ones and friends — will be better, too. That is a wonderful and gratifying experience.”

Debbie Martin, Audiology Aide and Patient Care Liaison:
“My favorite part about what we do here is seeing the look on a patient’s face when we go through the process of helping them hear better. Being able to affect someone’s life in such a dramatic way, and sharing that experience with my fabulous teammates, is something that is just amazing to participate in.”

Angelica Martinez, Front Office Staff: “I am excited to have the opportunity to develop and utilize my skills to help and assist people. Being part of a real team that is focused on and passionate about changing people’s lives for the better is an honor and a blessing.”

The reality of being able to hear again doesn’t start with a product, or a sale, or a discount. It starts with someone who really cares…because hearing is a wonderful gift!

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