AGX Hearing is unique for a number of reasons: AudigyCertified™ practices provide exceptional care, patient-focused programs like e-patient®, and a vast collection of resources to help you understand your hearing, hearing loss, and treatment options.

But what makes AGX Hearing unique in terms of technology is our ability to always offer you the latest, most effective hearing aids available. Many brands can’t guarantee this — we’re committed to it.

AGX Hearing has relationships with multiple manufacturers — some of the most respected names in hearing, with the power of 40% of the industry’s research and development dollars behind them — to ensure that your unique hearing needs are supported by today’s most beneficial technology.

Whenever new hearing aid technology advancements are vetted and released by our manufacturing partners, they are placed directly into the AGX line at the appropriate lifestyle technology level. These new technology options constantly replace older devices within each category, ensuring that AGX Hearing aids always offer the most up-to-date advancements in hearing.

With AGX Hearing you can feel confident that you’re never wearing an outdated hearing aid. You’ll hear better, because we keep our technology current. Guaranteed.