Four Compelling Reasons to Treat Hearing Loss

The ability to hear well is something people can easily take for granted, until the day comes when they realize they’ve been bitten by the hearing loss bug. Unfortunately, many of us choose not to seek help due to lack of concern or embarrassment. Neglecting treatment for auditory issues can cause several complications ranging from health issues to social miscues. Here are four reasons to seek treatment now.

1.    Hearing loss can lead to accidents like falls

A study by Johns Hopkins concluded that hearing loss is linked to an increased chance of accidental falls. The inner ear is partly responsible for maintaining balance. When there are problems with fluid travelling through the ear, such as those found in Meniere’s disease, balancing can suffer. This occurs when the vestibular systems in the ear have difficulty reporting head movements to the brain.

This isn’t just in extreme cases either, — even mild cases of hearing loss still increase a person’s chances of losing their balance. Hearing problems can lead to spatial awareness issues, which can also lead to falls that might be cause for medical attention.

2.    Social situations can be challenging

Attending parties or dinner dates is supposed to be fun and casual, but they can lead to awkward exchanges when you miss an important word or phrase.

Perhaps someone is trying to move around you in close quarters, repeatedly saying “Excuse me,” but you might not hear them and appear to be rude. Or you could be ordering a meal and be unable to comprehend what your waiter is asking you.

Needless to say, asking someone to repeat themselves several times in a row is frustrating for everyone. While it may irritate you that you don’t know what is being said, consider that the person you’re speaking with might feel as though you are not actively listening.

3.    Your work performance can suffer

As if the economic climate isn’t challenging enough today, imagine making costly blunders at your job for no other reason than hearing problems. You could be putting in the same effort as you have for many years, bringing the same strong work ethic every day, but suddenly your efforts are coming up short and management is noticing.

Maybe you miss an important request on a conference call or a heads up from your manager to take care of something ASAP as you pass each other in the hallway. If your counterparts are unaware of your hearing loss, they might get the impression that you’re not getting the message anymore.

Even if it’s strictly a hearing issue, missing important cues could cause you to deliver the wrong message or miss important deadlines. This pattern can cause greater problems that could include disciplinary action or worse.

4.    Your hearing problems lead to other problems

Miscommunication is at the root of hearing difficulty, but if it goes untreated you could experience other complications. Constant auditory problems can lead to anger and frustration — what were once simple exchanges can now become everyday struggles.

Regularly wondering if you missed something someone said can be cause for stress and depression. In turn, people with hearing problems may become withdrawn from others, leading to feelings of loneliness.

There are also serious dangers involved with auditory problems. You could be less aware of your surroundings, such as a car honking its horn on the highway as you switch lanes. Or you could misinterpret medical instructions for other conditions.

Turn to the hearing healthcare professionals you can trust. We assists patients of all backgrounds to improve their hearing with a full range of diagnostic and preventative services. We offer the most current hearing aid technologies along with hearing aid repair to give your ears the care they deserve.

Don’t let hearing complications get in the way of your life for another day. Contact us today.

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