What Advancements in Hearing Care Can Do For You

If people are telling you that you might have a hearing loss, there’s a good chance they’re right

It’s estimated 31.5 million people in the U.S. report difficulty with their hearing, yet less than one-fifth of them seek help. With the gradual onset of hearing loss, many are either unaware of the change in their hearing or don’t feel the urgency to take action. Still, others are reluctant to subject themselves to the uncomfortable, squealing hearing aids of yesteryear. Sadly, this reluctance leaves millions with compromised communication abilities, making connections with their spouses, friends, and families difficult.

Hearing care has improved dramatically

The good news is in the past few years, hearing care has improved dramatically with new treatments and technology that have life-changing results. The hearing aids we are now custom fitting for our patients bear little similarity to the analog devices of the past. Digital circuitry has made these devices much smaller and more comfortable, and digital sound processing has made it possible to customize hearing aids to an individual’s hearing loss much more accurately than ever before. In addition, newer models are completely invisible to the naked eye.

Better treatment for ringing in the ears

Another recent development is the arrival of a whole new class of devices aimed at relief for millions of Americans who report suffering from tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. This condition, often difficult to diagnose, can have debilitating effects, with sufferers often feeling they cannot escape the persistent drone of pulsing or buzzing sounds in their ears. Hearing aids have long proven beneficial for the treatment of tinnitus, as have low-volume sound masking devices that use specific sounds to minimize tinnitus. However, there are some exciting new hearing devices that combine a hearing aid and a masking device into one convenient, tiny device.

Improved diagnostics

Keeping pace with the innovation of new hearing devices, our diagnostic process now includes an individualized program of interviews and educational information. This helps ensure, from the very start, that our hearing care plan is in line with what’s most important to you — helping increase the joys in your life.

Choose a quality provider

In searching for quality hearing care, don’t forget: Your hearing is a subjective experience. Insist on a hearing care professional who will listen to you and to how you experience your hearing loss. To find an effective solution for hearing loss that will truly bring improvement to your life, you need a hearing care provider who is dedicated to bringing together the best care and the best technology options.

Carolina Hearing Group is proud to have upheld the commitment to growing with our patients and enhancing their lives through the latest in proven approaches to better hearing. If you don’t feel like you’re hearing as well as you used to, please make an appointment with our office, and learn what today’s best care and technology have to offer you. Reconnecting people with their world and strengthening their relationships is not simply our job — it’s our passion.

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