You lead an active lifestyle, so you no doubt experience frequent background noise.

Without technology (or properly fit technology), background noise can make conversations difficult to focus on, leading to feelings of isolation, exhaustion, and fatigue. You don’t feel like yourself, but you can — with AGX9 hearing aids.

The AGX9’s premium technology features were designed to help you maintain better hearing with less effort. Whether you are having dinner in a packed restaurant, roaring with the crowd at the big game, or leading an important meeting at work, your AGX9 hearing aids will be there to help you clearly and confidently connect to your world. Because better hearing isn’t just about listening situations, it’s about where those listening situations can take you: a more intimate conversation, a favorite song, or a deeper connection with your community.

AGX9 hearing aids come in a variety of styles, including invisible hearing aid options, to suit your better hearing and lifestyle requirements. Focus on conversations in work or social environments. Have a clearer sense of where sounds are coming from. Finally hear the things in your life that matter most to you.

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The most flexible fitting type, available with all technology options. Available with wireless connectivity and mid-sized battery.

Behind-the-Ear Full Shell In-the-EarInvisible-in-the-Canal

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