AGXs liv Series

Immerse yourself naturally and confidently in your world with the enhanced clarity, direct streaming, and AI capabilities of the AGXs liv series.

Enjoy Clarity and Comfort

This next-generation technology provides natural sound and effortless situational awareness in even the noisiest environments.

Stream Your World’s Sounds

Stream phone calls, music, and more directly to your hearing devices from your smartphone or from a host of wireless accessories.

Recharge and Go

Our AGXs liv device — the smallest rechargeable hearing aid on the market — removes the hassle of frequently changing batteries.

AGXs liv AI — The Hearing Aid Reinvented

Using integrated sensors, the AGXs liv AI tracks your brain and body health, and it can also alert a loved one if you’ve fallen. The Thrive™ Hearing Control app tracks it all and provides you a body score, brain score, and overall wellness score so you can make informed decisions about your health and fitness.

Small. Sleek. Comfortable.

The AGXs liv fits your hearing needs with four different styles — receiver-in-canal rechargeable, receiver-in-canal, micro receiver-in-canal, and behind-the-ear — and several color choices.

AGXS Liv in hand
AGXS mobile phone application
AGXS Hearing Aid Charger
AGXs liv Series

Investment Protection

Purchasing AGX® hearing aids means you get the AGX Protection Plan.

  • 75-day adjustment
  • 75-day retraining
  • 75-day upgrade protection program†
  • Battery program**
  • Warranty coverage*
  • Loss and damage insurance*

†On AGX3, AGX5, AGX7
*3 years for AGX3, AGX5, AGX7, AGX9
**AGX1, AGX3 = 1 year; AGX5, AGX7, AGX9 = 3 years

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