AGXR Q Series

The AGXR Q provides a virtually limitless sound experience with clearer, fuller sounds and unrivaled full-spectrum streaming — plus, you can have your devices fine-tuned by your provider remotely.

Enjoy Virtual Appointments

Use the AGX Attune app’s Audigy Assist Live Assistance to have live, face-to-face appointments in the comfort of your home.

Next-Level Connectivity

Use the AGX Attune app’s Audigy Assist to request programming adjustments from your provider. The app also lets you fine-tune and geotag your hearing device settings.

Recharge and Go

Our AGXR Q device can be recharged overnight, freeing you from the hassle of frequently changing batteries.

The Clear Choice for Unrivaled Streaming

The AGXR Q provides exceptional, lag-free streaming from almost any audio source, and compared to other premium hearing aids, it is preferred 95%* of the time for music listening and 64%* of the time for sound quality when streaming from an iPhone®.

*Compared to other premium hearing aids; Jespersen et al, 2018. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Small. Sleek. Comfortable.

The AGXR Q series is available in a rechargeable behind-the-ear style and two replaceable-battery behind-the-ear styles in an array of colors for every sensibility.

AGXR Hearing aids
AGXR Rechargable
AGX Attune App
AGXR Q Series

Investment Protection

Purchasing AGX hearing aids means you get the AGX Protection Plan.

  • 75-day adjustment
  • 75-day retraining
  • 75-day upgrade protection program†
  • Battery program**
  • Warranty coverage*
  • Loss and damage insurance*

†On AGX3, AGX5, AGX7
*3 years for AGX3, AGX5, AGX7, AGX9
**AGX1, AGX3 = 1 year; AGX5, AGX7, AGX9 = 3 years

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