Untreated Hearing Loss, Lost Opportunities, and Depression

Depression and hearing loss

Depression is serious and is increasingly found to be linked to hearing loss. Shared symptoms between hearing loss and depression can include irritability, frustration, trouble sleeping, restlessness, and loss of interest or pleasure in personal activities. If you notice depression and/or hearing loss, these symptoms should be discussed with your physician. If warranted, your physician can refer you to a local audiologist for an evaluation of your hearing loss.

Huge advancements in technology

The effects of hearing loss are often noticed by family members first. The outcomes of untreated hearing loss range from having to “fake it” in situations where you can’t hear clearly to complete isolation from all activities and people. Hearing technology is so small and easy to wear; it is not the big to-do it was even five to ten years ago. Invisible technology, open technology, remotes, rechargeable batteries, and all kinds of convenient technology are available to make your life easy and connected.

Missed opportunities can have big consequences

Obviously, there are practical things to consider if hearing loss is untreated, such as not being able to hear the doorbell. But there are more serious issues that may arise as well, such as not accurately hearing instructions or misunderstanding intentions. Hearing loss can affect health, finances, legal issues (e.g., mishearing instructions), failed prospects at work (misunderstanding clients’ wants and needs), and personal relationships (misinterpreting comments). These small, missed opportunities take their toll and eventually snowball into real problems, ultimately resulting in feelings of incompetence and depression. It is easy to put off what you think are small problems in your life until you realize the impact they may have on those around you.

We can help

In this economy, missed opportunities are unacceptable. Consider an evaluation and a trial with smart, tiny hearing aid technology customized for your unique needs, and contact your local AudigyCertified™ provider today.

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