The AGXsp Made for iPhone Hearing Aid Blew My Mind!

No more lost hearing aids

My first experience of the new AGXsp Made for iPhone® hearing aid occurred at a noisy local steakhouse. I anticipated that a new product would have bugs to work out, but my initial experience was mind-blowing. While the features are too numerous to list, let me tease you: Your Apple® technology can find your lost hearing aids using GPS. Cool, eh?

Save your locations

These hearing aids also make it possible to customize your settings for specific environments. For example, when you go to your favorite coffee house, you can customize your hearing technology to that particular environment. This means you can enter an address so your hearing devices know your location, and they’ll remember to switch the settings on their own when you return to that same location. In addition, your AGXsp hearing aids’ remaining battery life can be displayed on your iPhone, so you know exactly how much life they have left. You can stream your phone calls to your hearing aids (just like stereo Bluetooth® devices), and you can listen to music wirelessly through your hearing aids from your iPad®,  iPhone®, or iPod®. There are more than a dozen really cool features that can be used with these hearing aids.

Superb sound quality

Back to the sound quality: Wow! I was in a steakhouse, sitting next to the bar, with moderately loud music behind me. Normally, I would have to work very hard to hear, but after I put in the AGXsp iPhone hearing aids, I noticed that background sounds were quieter. As my companions spoke to me, I realized that their voices were much clearer. While background noise was still present, its impact was far less than normal. Sure, I could hear the music, but it was far more subdued. My companions then turned on the microphone feature on an iPhone. When the iPhone was close to their mouths, the extraneous noise melted into the background, and I could hear my friends more clearly. When the mic was set on the table, it picked up multiple voices, which made it less clear; the mic was farther from their mouths, which allowed the background noise to drift back in. When I left the table, I could still make out a little bit of the conversation from 15–20 feet away; it was difficult to understand, but I was able to pick up the topic of discussion when I returned to my seat. I’ve used streamers before, so it was really nice to have nothing around my neck and no other devices on my body. It truly was seamless and wireless — no bugs!

I’ve been won over

As an Android phone user, I asked when these would be available for other phones. Apparently, there is too much diversity among Android operating systems to ensure a good fit between an Android device and the hearing aids. In other words, no one wants to hear, “Sorry, your hearing aids will not be compatible with your new phone.” The new AGXsp iPhone hearing aids have won me over. I ordered a set immediately to use with my iPad mini — be sure to talk with your audiologist about which Apple device models are compatible. I’m optimistic that I’ll have more to say in a week about my experiences, and I’m now more confident than ever that I can knowledgeably and enthusiastically tell my patients that there is something better out there for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users!

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