Are Heart Health and Hearing Health Connected?

Unhealthy behaviors can affect both

The cochlea, the inner-ear organ responsible for hearing, is extraordinarily delicate and is sensitive to subtle changes in your overall system. Because the cochlea is so small, the veins and arteries that carry blood through the cochlea are among the tiniest in the body; protecting them protects your healthy hearing. Many of the same unhealthy patterns of behavior that affect the heart — and, therefore, blood flow — might also affect the most delicate organs in the body, like the cochlea.

Heart health and hearing health correlation

Research has shown a strong correlation between hearing loss and heart disease. Many researchers believe the ears might offer a glimpse into overall heart health: Because the inner ear is so sensitive to circulation and heart disease causes hardening of the arteries, it’s possible that hardened arteries may be responsible for hearing loss — the cochlea aren’t receiving the oxygen they need. And though heart disease is a serious condition, those with cardiovascular issues may also want to consider seeing an audiologist to learn more about the links between hearing loss and cognitive disease — as well as the bevy of other conditions hearing loss may cause in otherwise healthy individuals.

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