Introducing AGXsp™ the Made for iPhone® Hearing Aids

TruLink for iPhone®

The strides made in the hearing care realm over the last several decades have made improved hearing a reality for many. Through research and development, accessing hearing technology that makes a difference in the lives of the hearing impaired has never been easier—and neither has using the technology itself. Now they’re also more convenient than ever before for iPhone® users with the release of the new TruLink personal hearing control for the iPhone.

Immerse yourself in hearing aid technology

For several years now, Bluetooth technology has been available on many hearing aids. This is a great feature that makes it easy to answer phone calls and stream sound from televisions, stereos, computers, and other sources directly to your hearing aids. Some hearing aids even offer a remote that makes for quick volume adjustments when needed. But the TruLink takes it several steps further, allowing users to actively immerse themselves in their hearing technology and the world around them.

TruLink offers increased convenience

What’s exciting to hearing care providers about the possibilities with TruLink is the increase in convenience for patients. Often, patients comment to me that they wish they could make slight tonal adjustments for environmental variations; conversing in a coffee shop or restaurant might yield different results than conversing at home would, especially if one of those areas is busier than another. Most current hearing technology allows for preprogrammed settings for a few specific areas that the user must switch to. But how much more convenient would your life be if your hearing aids changed their responsiveness automatically when you went to specific locations?

Program settings for favorite places

Two of my favorite aspects of the TruLink technology are the SoundSpace adjustments and TruLink Memories and how they work together. With SoundSpace, the user can make tonal adjustments to their hearing aids to make them work best for the environment that they’re currently in and save those adjustments using TruLink Memories. If you create a programmed setting for your favorite restaurant, your hearing aids use the built-in GPS on your iPhone® to sense when you’re approaching that specific location, and it will automatically change the settings on your hearing aids based on the adjustments you already made—for up to 20 locations.

Never again lose your hearing aids

Another unique feature that I’m excited to see my patients use is the live microphone, which allows you to use your iPhone as an extra advantage during conversations, or use it to record audio moments that you can replay and enjoy later, as many times as you’d like. And I’ll never again hear that my patients who use TruLink have misplaced a hearing aid: Your iPhone knows where they are and will help you find them. There is no end to the level of convenience and effectiveness this extraordinary technology can offer you on your journey to hearing your best.

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