Introducing a Genuine Breakthrough in Hearing Rehabilitation


We as caregivers are able to offer an option for our patients to hear better and wear absolutely nothing! Imagine an opportunity to hear not just louder, which is what many devices offer, but from a device that is invisible, waterproof, and lets you look and hear your best.

A go-anywhere solution

We could not be more excited to present the breakthrough Esteem® Hearing Implant, an invisible, go-anywhere, long-term solution to hearing loss that offers freedom from the limitations of hearing aids. There are no external components, meaning you have no devices to take care of or worry about, which allows you to be free from the constraint of wearing hearing aids. With Esteem®, there is no lapse in hearing ability — it’s 24/7 assistance, always with you, the way it should be.

Esteem works with the natural structure of your ear

The Esteem® Hearing Implant is designed to work with the natural structures of your ear, utilizing your body’s natural anatomy. It uses no artificial microphone and no speaker, and therefore reduces the background noise, acoustic feedback, and distortion that can occur with hearing aids. Esteem works in the middle ear, receiving sound from your eardrum, processing the sound to suit your hearing loss and then transmitting it through one of the bones of the middle ear to your cochlea. The surgery, performed by an Esteem-certified physician, is similar to other surgeries performed on the middle ear and can typically be performed as an outpatient procedure.

100% waterproof

No device to wear also means no worrying over broken technology while doing the activities you love. Go for a swim or exercise whenever you’d like with no fragile instruments to worry about. That’s right: The Esteem® Hearing Implant is 100% waterproof, allowing for swimming, showering, exercise, and some diving with zero worry over damage.

Live your best life

A life free from the restriction of external devices, acoustic feedback, fussing with batteries, daily maintenance, and social stigma is now possible. To find out how you can say goodbye forever to external hearing devices and live your best life with clear, more natural hearing, visit

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