Today’s Hearing Instruments Offer New Ways of Hearing Better

You might be surprised

If it’s been a few years since you’ve evaluated new hearing instruments, today’s technology options might surprise you. Tiny, feather-light options are now available that sit deep in the ear canal, provide powerful hearing assistance, and are nearly impossible to see, even in profile.

New wireless technology

But the gains are much more than cosmetic. You might be familiar with Bluetooth® from your mobile phone — the wireless connection that makes it possible to attach a hands-free headset to your mobile device. This same type of wireless technology is now available in hearing instruments, so you can receive an amplified signal directly in your ear from your mobile phone. Simple transmitters are also available to direct wireless signals to your hearing instruments from your TV or other media devices, so that you can enjoy clear, amplified sound through your hearing instruments without disturbing those around you.

A tremendous impact on hearing instruments

Perhaps more surprising is the way that wireless technology can help your hearing instruments perform better on their own. With two hearing devices that communicate wirelessly with one another, your hearing instruments can, for example, lower the volume in whichever ear is picking up more noise, or turn up the volume in the ear that is listening to speech. This type of “binaural hearing” assistance is having a tremendous impact on how well people are able to hear in crowded rooms and how well they are able to intuitively perceive the direction that sound is coming from — an important ability when trying to differentiate between multiple voices in a crowded setting.

We can help

The key to making all of this technology benefit you is to make sure you find an experienced professional who can properly measure your hearing loss and who will precisely program your hearing instruments to work in the settings where you need them most. AudigyCertified™ providers are among North America’s most respected independent hearing care professionals. They have been recognized for their commitment to hearing health and for creating effective better-hearing solutions for all lifestyles and budgets.

Take a test drive

Find out what’s missing from your hearing experience with a free, state-of-the-art hearing consultation, and test drive of the newest, most advanced hearing technology available. Whether you are new to hearing technology or a long-time user, there’s no better time to experience the latest developments in hearing technology.

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