What it Means to Be AudigyCertified™

With the start of the new year, we are reaching an important date here at North State Audiological Services.

In January of 2008, my husband and business partner, Edward Migale, and I attended a Guest Summit meeting held by Audigy Group in Palm Desert, California. At that meeting we met Audigy Group founder and president Brandon Dawson, along with Executive Vice President Mason Walker and other key staffers.

It didn’t take long for Edward and me to realize that the offer of membership in this exclusive association was a perfect match for my vision of North State Audiological Services as the leading hearing care provider in the entire North State region. As many of you know, I long ago chose audiology as my life’s work, and I wanted nothing more than to help as many people as possible with their hearing care needs.

Since starting this practice over 16 years ago, we have reached thousands of people in Chico and the surrounding area, providing excellent care along with technological expertise, but I wanted to to do more. The vision shared with us that day by Mr. Dawson and his staff promised that the services offered by Audigy Group would provide us with the tools to do so.

Has that happened? Yes! One hundred times over! How so? First of all, Audigy Group provides us with superb staff training. For any of you who have been to the office in the last few years — notably the last year and a half — you know that our staff excels in patient care. All of our staff, along with Edward and myself have taken and continue to attend courses that teach us how to take better care of our patients’ needs. I can say with pride that I fully believe we now provide patient care at a level superior to any health care facility anywhere in the nation.

Technologically, we have made investments in testing equipment and patient support systems that are state-of-the-art.  You will find no better diagnostic equipment anywhere.

And our hearing aids?  In a word: fabulous! Audigy Group has partnered with several of the leading hearing technology manufacturers in the world and now provides its members with exclusive access to AGX® technology.

This is not merely private-label products. AGX technology is the only private brand in the entire worldwide hearing care industry that is supported by multiple manufacturer products and has brand-specific software. Much of the software was designed and customized by AudigyCertified professionals — fellow members whom I have met at our semi-annual conferences and multiple training sessions. Like myself, they are passionate about the field of audiology, and their input into the development of these products is based on years of experience working with patients just like you.

In addition, with close to 200 Audigy Group members with a combined 500+ practice locations in over 40 states, there is no need to be concerned about cross country travel plans; Audigy Group members will gladly take care of other members’ patients should there ever be a need.

As for the future, Audigy Group is poised to continue its growth as the dominant force in the hearing care industry. Under the careful guidance of Mr. Dawson, Mr. Walker, and the many talented professionals employed there, Audigy Group has grown from a mere handful of visionaries in 2006 to the largest member-owned association of independent hearing care professionals in the United States.

I and my staff are exceedingly proud to be a part of that growth and commitment to excellence and hope you’ll join us in celebrating our three years of achievement.

Here is how you can participate in our celebration:

From now through the end of 2011, anyone who wears hearing aids — no matter where or when you purchased them — can come to our office for a free cleaning and hearing aid batteries. Simply stop by our office anytime during normal business hours, which are Monday–Thursday 9am to 5pm (closed for lunch noon to 1pm) and Fridays 9am to noon.  We are located in southeast Chico near the junction of Highway 99 and the Skyway. Our address is 15 Jan Court, which is off of Forest Avenue, behind the Raley’s Skypark Plaza. For a map and complete directions, visit our website at

We will clean your hearing aids, and install fresh batteries for FREE! There is no absolutely no cost or obligation to participate in this offer…because hearing is a wonderful gift!


Hearing Protection

Hunting Ear Protection

I decided early in my professional hunting career to look after my hearing. That decision has saved my hide several times, from leopard charges, a spotted hyena sticking his nose inquisitively into a leopard blind, buffalo that were less than pleased, and charging black rhinos, to name a few.


Like the animals we prey upon, when you are hunting you are using all your senses in a heightened state. Sight, hearing, and smell aid a P.H. in sensing the wind direction and listening for your prey when you are close. There is nothing like a final approach, stalking quietly, and being able to smell and and hear wild creatures in their element without them knowing you are there. Hearing the grass part as they move as well as hearing them breathe. (Pictures below — the orange set is the non-electronic hearing protection, and the beige is the electronic hearing protection.)

I used to wear molded ear plugs, but I have recently upgraded to “electronic ears.” Dr. Deborah Price, owner of Hearing Professional Center in Dallas, built me a pair of these electronic ears. They have really saved my hearing, my hide, and enhanced my hunting efficiency. I am able to hear everything within a 50-yard range while hunting, give and hear questions in the adrenaline filled-moments before my hunters take a crucial shot, and have my hands free to assist the shooter or watch the targeted animal through my binoculars.

Earlier in my professional, dangerous game hunting career, I would go without ear plugs because of the danger of blocking one of your senses in potentially life threatening situations. My hearing was numbed with the concussion of a big caliber rifle for several days after a successful hunt. The thought that there is no way of repairing the damage done to my hearing was aching in the back of my skull.

I have worn my electronic ears for a total of 360 days of plains and dangerous game hunting over two seasons. I was surprised by the battery life, often lasting more than 14 days with one set of these tiny batteries…all through rain and shine, dust and dirt, blood, sweat, and tears. Cutting even the biggest bore rifles discharge down to nothing, and being able to hear the impact, has impressed me time and again. They made it through it all.