Emerging Hearing Aid Technologies: The Future is Here!

Emerging Technologies: The Future is Here!

Call it revolutionary. Call it futuristic. Call it groundbreaking. Any and all adjectives along these lines definitely apply, because in just the last few months some of the most extraordinary advancements in hearing technology to ever take place have occurred.

These emerging technologies are truly revolutionary — personal audio assistants designed to specifically address situational hearing difficulties and completely invisible when worn in the ear. And when I say “situational,” I am talking about the millions of Americans who experience SoundVoids™ — those moments lacking in clarity in hearing or understanding — in certain situations of their daily lives, yet hear well in other situations.

A category, not a single product

Note that I’ve described these futuristic technologies in the plural form and not based on any specific manufacturer.  That is because these new technologies really should be classified as a category of hearing care technology designed to provide people with solutions to certain types of hearing difficulties.

These products possess several similar traits: state-of-the-art digital technology with multiple programs for all kinds of lifestyles, are easily removed by the wearer, are suitable for cellphone use, and are easy to use and maintain.

Audigy Group exclusive

As the only AudigyCertified™ audiology practice in the entire north state region of California, North State Audiological Services is the exclusive distributor of these emerging technologies that have been incorporated into our AGX Hearing Aid family of hearing care technology.  Being part of Audigy Group means that we offer all of our patients — including those being fit with this amazing new technology — a 75-day trial period and a 100% service satisfaction guarantee.

Not for everyone

Due to varying physical characteristics and the unique, individual nature of hearing loss, these new technologies might not be for everyone. In order to determine if a person is a suitable candidate for these emerging technologies, I would need to test their hearing and discuss with them their lifestyle and situational difficulties before making a professional recommendation. All you have to do is call my office at 1.888.893.1352 to schedule an appointment.


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