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Why Your Lifestyle —Regardless of Age — Needs to be Considered When Selecting Hearing Aids

Why your lifestyle — regardless of age — needs to be considered when selecting hearing aids

Ah, high-technology, consumer-oriented electronic devices. They’re everywhere we look in our daily lives.  From the L.E.D. read-out timer-controlled automatic coffee maker to the hands-free cellular phone to digitally enhanced music and television systems, high-tech products are all the rage, enhancing our lives in ways that couldn’t have been imagined less than a generation ago.

And judging from some of the advertisements out there, one might get the impression that high-tech hearing aids are the end-all answer to communication difficulties for someone with hearing loss. People are bombarded with ads on hearing aids telling them that purchasing the latest and greatest from Brand ABC will make them immediately hear like they did when they were a teenager. Being good consumers, they research for hours on end, and then decide on a product with high expectations.

But for someone with hearing loss, taking that path is like trying to follow a map without directions or a compass.

That’s because the first step toward better hearing lies not in selecting a hearing aid, but rather in examining one’s lifestyle and listening needs.

Regardless of age, people have different lifestyles. While one person might lead a very active life, another seemingly similar individual might lead a more quiet life. If both have similar levels of hearing loss, should they both select the latest and greatest from Brand ABC? Of course not!

Instead of focusing on the hearing aid, one of the first things I like my patients to do is talk with me about their lifestyles and how that lifestyle is affected by their hearing and communication difficulties. Whenever possible, I also like to involve a spouse or significant life partner; oftentimes those close to the patient can offer helpful insight about their loved one’s difficulties as well as positive support.

Only after this communication process — coupled with a thorough audiological assessment — is complete, is it time to start discussing the appropriate level of hearing technology.

This is the path that will lead to successful use of today’s hearing aids…because hearing is a wonderful gift!

SIDEBAR –  A Slice of Life (well, four of them, actually)

Following are four different lifestyle categories. Where do you fit in?

Active lifestyle: Characterized by a variety of video and audio entertainment, diverse restaurant dining, sporting events, outdoor activities, demanding careers, group participation, family gatherings, movies, driving, mall shopping, and church activities. Frequent background noise.

Casual lifestyle:  Typically includes activities such as regular conversation, frequent television, quiet restaurant dining, small meetings, family gatherings, driving, shopping trips, movies, and weekly church services.  Occasional background noise.

Quiet lifestyle:  Often features one-to-one conversations, some television and radio, quiet shopping trips, and weekly church services. Limited background noise.

Very quiet lifestyle: Comprised of activities in and around the home, such as limited television, radio or recorded books, and small church services. Rarely includes background noise.


Why Choose an AudigyCertified™ Hearing Care Professional?

Why choose an AudigyCertified™ hearing care professional?

Did you know that the most exciting news in the field of hearing health care during the past three years isn’t a hearing aid breakthrough? Nor is it a software programming revelation.

No, the most exciting thing to happen in the last three years — perhaps even during my nearly 30 years in audiology —is the formation of Audigy Group, the largest member-owned association of independent hearing care professionals in the U.S.


Audigy Group’s purpose is to strategically select and certify the most elite practitioners in each market who exemplify the core values of the group’s mission and vision in delivery of hearing and diagnostic services.  Our shared mission is to deliver:

● Unsurpassed patient satisfaction

● Excellence through continued education

● Effective analysis and diagnosis of our patients’ hearing difficulties or balance condition

● Customized technology solutions that effectively integrate speech comprehension back into our patients’ lives

● Ongoing investment in the most advanced processes, procedures, and technology to ensure superior results for each patient

Elite Practices

Not every audiologist can qualify for membership in this elite, demanding association. Since its inception three years ago, Audigy Group has interviewed over 5,000 of the 18,000 audiologists in the U.S., and, to date, has selected only 140 to be members, of which I am one…and the only one in the entire northeast part of California.

I am proud and honored to be part of such a prestigious group, because while Audigy Group’s membership may only comprise 2% of the professionals in our field, those professionals represent over 400 offices coast to coast in 39 states! And having been actively involved in the association’s numerous training sessions, conferences, and events for the past two years, I can assure you that its members and staff are simply superb individuals who are committed to being the very best in their profession.

Raising the Bar in Hearing Care Excellence

So what does this all mean to you? By seeking out and insisting on being seen by an AudigyCertified™ professional, you are guaranteed to receive the highest level of care available in the nation today. AudigyCertified practices provide to each of their patients the following core values:

► Experienced professionals — AudigyCertified professionals are carefully selected based on their proven ability to provide the highest level of patient satisfaction.

► Expert advice — As independent practitioners, AudigyCertified professionals provide advice and recommendations to their patients based solely on the patient’s needs.

► Extraordinary technology — Audigy Group empowers its members to provide their patients with the very best technology solutions from a variety of the top manufacturers in the world.

►Excellent Service – Through continuous training and self improvement, the goal of every AudigyCertified professional and their staff is to fully and completely stand behind their expertise and technology — every day, of every week, of every month…all year long!

► Exceptional value — AudigyCertified professionals understand that value is not measured by price alone. Rather, value is about how well we utilize our knowledge and experience to create a customized solution to meet our patients’ hearing expectations for their unique lifestyle.

In closing, don’t settle for anything but the best. Your hearing is too important! It affects your daily life as well as the lives of your family and friends. Insist on seeing an AudigyCertified professional…because hearing is wonderful gift!