This day. Her wedding day. I can’t believe I’m here. Not just because this is my independent little girl, the one who always told me growing up that she “would never get married,” but because she’s really all grown up now.

She’s always been so strong, so smart, and so driven. To see her like this — so deeply in love with such a sweet and wonderful boy — I’m so proud of her. I just wish her father were here to see this. He could always see the dreamer in her. Always told her to march to her own beat. They shared this special bond that I cherished from afar.

When the girls’ father passed, I made my own vow: to be present. To be engaged. To never miss another moment if I really didn’t have to. When you think about it, why would it ever be okay to miss out on the things that the world has to offer? So I knew that it was finally time to do something about my hearing. The girls had been talking to me about it for years, but I didn’t really feel like it was my problem to deal with. Their father was sort of my partner in crime; he had helped me out of more than a few jams caused by my hearing loss. He knew I wasn’t ready. But now I can’t wait — and I don’t want to wait — any longer.

My AGX hearing aids have changed everything. I’ve been more social than I have been in years. The background noise that used to keep me in the house is practically nonexistent now. I can’t tell you how much I’ve needed this. The kids even found a church that has a hearing loop system, so my devices will receive sound directly from the PA — I don’t think anyone else is going to hear this quite the way that I will! Listen, if you’re worried, you should see your AudigyCertified™ practice. They can really help. Me, I’m going to find my seat. The ceremony is about to begin!