I’m not afraid to admit it: I love to binge-watch television shows with my wife. Dramas, comedies, you name it — we love them all.

Sometimes we’ll watch an entire season’s worth of episodes in a single weekend. At least we used to.

A while back, I noticed that I started missing things: the rapid-fire punch lines, the big plot twists, and so many of the subtleties that make the shows we love great. Instead of addressing my hearing situation, I just turned up the TV. And turned up the TV. And turned up the TV some more. It became so loud for my wife that she couldn’t stand being in the same room any longer, and if we turned it down to a comfortable level for her, I felt like I was watching a silent movie.

Suddenly, one of the things that we loved to share became the central point of contention in our lives. And I couldn’t avoid the fact that my hearing difficulties were to blame.

We had a frank discussion. She told me about an AudigyCertified™ practice that she had found online. I went to the appointment with an open heart, and I’m glad that I did. The entire staff was amazing. My provider was so thorough, so patient, and so clear. I really felt heard. She fit me with these amazing AGX9 Hearing Aids that can stream sound directly from our TV — and now I’m hearing things my wife doesn’t even notice! I’m back in the best seat in the house: next to my wife, doing what we love.