Sis, you wouldn’t believe how great Dad sounds! It was his first time getting back onstage since getting his AGX9 hearing aids, and he was amazing — better than he’s sounded in years.

It’s like he can finally hear all of the nuances of the band he had been missing for a while. The interplay between him and the rhythm section when he would play a solo — it was unbelievable. He was so relaxed, focused, and in the moment. He’s the guy we used to see in old pictures come back to life. I haven’t seen him that cool and confident in such a long time. You could see it on his face.

The idea of wearing hearing aids definitely took some getting used, but once his provider was able to tell him how much it could affect his ability to play, I could tell he was intrigued. Especially after seeing how many options he had. They were way smaller and sleeker than I had imagined. His provider was great, too — the entire staff was. I went to all of his appointments. They really focused on understanding where he wanted to hear his best, and they fine-tuned his hearing aids for those environments. The team really knew how to take care of us.

Anyway, after a few weeks of wearing his hearing aids, he was hooked. All of a sudden, he was playing his horn more and talking to his buddies more often on the phone, and then he surprised me with the news of this club gig. He was great! It might turn into a regular thing, too. The next time you’re in town, we’ll have to go see him play.