Get Your Guard Up

Exposure to loud noise (any noise greater than 85 decibels, or dB, such as a bulldozer) happens more often than we think during a typical day. Your hearing can be at risk for permanent damage in everyday environments like work, at a sports event, or when commuting home — just to name a few.

At times, these noise levels can reach 110 dB or more, which puts your hearing at risk in a matter of minutes. Other sounds cause immediate damage, such as a shotgun blast at close range without protection, which measures in at 150 dB.

As with most health issues, what you do now affects your health later on. Once you damage the hair cells in your inner ear, there’s no fixing them. Hearing damage that happens during your teens may not surface until your late 20s or early 30s — or even your 50s or 60s, when age-related hearing decline becomes a greater factor.

The good news is hearing protection helps prevents all of this. It puts a barrier between you and the harmful sounds while still giving you the full experience of whatever you’re participating in. Your local AudigyCertified™ practice can offer you customized technology, professional quality, and certified care that you can’t find in a drugstore. You can have peace of mind that you’re getting the best fit, style, and hearing protection option for your money.

It’s Not Just Your Hearing That’s Being Protected

Hearing loss is connected to a number of serious health issues later in life. Research shows a relationship between hearing loss and dementia. There is strong evidence that hearing loss accelerates brain-tissue atrophy in areas of the brain also related to memory and speech.

Hearing loss also has an effect on your balance; those with even a mild hearing loss are three times as likely to fall down than those without. Hearing loss has been linked to other diseases, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sickle-cell anemia, and other circulatory conditions.

How Loud Is Too Loud?

If you have to yell to be heard over the sound, if your ears hurt after a while, or if the volume makes you plug your ears, it’s too loud. In more technical terms, your hearing begins to be at risk with sound levels of 85 dB or above.

Employ the 60/60 rule when using headphones: Listen at 60% volume for 60 minutes, then give your ears a break.

If you are continually exposed to loud noise in your downtime or at work, please contact an AudigyCertified™ practice. They will help you determine what kind of hearing protection is best for you and your lifestyle.


These custom earplugs arespecially designed for those who enjoy loud activities and want to heareverything clearly but don’t want to damage their hearing. Concertgoers, musicfans, and musicians themselves will get the most out of these earplugs, as the filtersand vented design give the most accurate sound experience of any hearingprotector, with a flat decibel reduction across all frequencies. This meansyou’ll clearly hear every note, high or low, and you’ll be able to speakwithout the “plugged up” feeling that is common when the ear canal isobstructed.

These natural-soundingearplugs are custom-fit to the unique contours of your ear, so they fit snuglyfor hours of comfortable, continual use. Decibel filters range from 10 to 27decibels (dB) of noise protection.


The DefendEar is a series ofhunting protection that digitally protects the ear from the sound of gunshotblasts — sounds that are powerful enough to damage your hearing instantly. Whenshots are not being fired, the DefendEar amplifies some tones for addedsituational awareness in the field. DefendEar is custom-molded andhand-finished to specifically fit your ears.

DefendEar digital hearingprotection products offer a number of benefits that standard earplugs don’t,like noise attenuation when you pull the trigger, as well as wind reduction.DefendEar has plugs that are optimized for intermittent or continual shots, andit offers selectable amplification levels to more easily adjust toenvironmental sounds. 

Contact your localAudigyCertified™ practice today to learn more about how DefendEar can protectyour hearing while helping you get the most out of your game hunt.


SoundGear creates digitalhearing protection for hunters, shooters, police, military, and industrialworkers. SoundGear earplugs instantly dampen noise levels that exceed 95 dB,making them useful for a variety of situations in which communication isdifficult through use of standard earplugs.  

Anyone who uses power toolsor guns on a regular basis is putting their hearing at risk through two verydifferent avenues. Manufacturing- and industry-related hearing loss tend tooccur over a long period of time, because many work zones feature loud noisesthat are consistently above 85 dB (the point at which loud noise begins todamage hearing). Firearms typically sound off at 140 dB or more, which isenough to cause pain and instantaneous hearing damage. 

SoundGear is convenient tocarry and comfortable to wear, and protects hearing from the most dangerousnoises while enhancing communication at lower volume levels. Contact your localAudigyCertified™ practice today to learn more about how digital hearingprotection can benefit your life.

Custom Earbuds and Monitors

ACS In-Ear Monitors

Musicians who performregularly need equipment that protects hearing from the rigors of the stage,and loud sounds in particular. For those performances, you’ll need in-earmonitors that fit the unique contours of your ears and allow you to hear whatyou’re playing — clearly. While ACS custom in-ear monitors are created with themusician in mind, they provide a listening experience fit for professionals,amateurs, musicians, and music fans alike.

Music as art orentertainment is detail-oriented: The ability to hear slight changes inharmony, melody, or beat is crucial to overall performance. Likewise, theability to hear the detail in music as a listener is what separates aforgettable listening experience from an incredible one. ACS monitors offer therange you’ll need as a performer or listener to enjoy every aspect of theharmonies, melodies, and beats that you’re hearing.

If you’re a musician or amusic fan looking to enhance your overall performance or listening experience,please contact your local AudigyCertified™ practice today, and ask howcustom-fit in-ear monitors can bring your music listening to life.


Passion for music — eitherperforming it or listening to it — is something we understand wholeheartedly.Hearing is our passion, and being able to clearly hear the music you want toperform or listen to makes all the difference. To do that, you need the bestequipment and the finest clarity — exactly what Tunz custom-fit headphones andmusician monitors offer.

Tunz offers both custom-fitheadphones and stage monitors with superior sound quality, a comfortable fit,and precise technology to ensure your custom earbuds or monitors perform at ahigh level. The sound-isolating seal means that you hear lessmusic-interrupting environmental noise, allowing you to listen at a comfortablelevel that won’t damage your hearing.

If you’re a musician or amusic fan looking to enhance your overall performance or listening experience,please contact your local AudigyCertified™ practice and ask how custom-fit earbudsand in-ear monitors can bring your music listening to life.