Advantages of Receiver-in-the-Canal hearing aids:

  • Lightweight, stylish design
  • Flexible fitting means most repairs can be made the same day
  • Available with an open fitting for comfort and more natural sound
  • Wireless-connectivity options available

Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) hearing aids offer a comfortable open-fit design that’s perfect for people with nearly any type of hearing loss. With RIC devices, the speaker is placed in the ear canal, mounted to a comfortable, flexible dome that’s perforated to allow sound to pass more naturally through the ear canal. This type of fitting cuts down on wind noise and eliminates the need for acoustic tubing, such as the kind used in Behind-the-Ear hearing aids.

Sleek, subtle design means that RIC devices are barely visible to the eye when worn, with just a tiny case tucked behind the ear, but their powerful hearing technology will keep your communications clear and confident. Most RIC hearing aids are available with the latest wireless connectivity features and provide a level of comfort that is leading today’s RIC devices to new levels of popularity with users.

Helping you hear as simply, as naturally, and as effortlessly as possible is what we do — let us show you how we can do it for you.