Advantages of Invisible Hearing Aids:

  • Most invisible, discreet hearing aid option
  • Most secure fit for physical activity
  • Deep fit helps to reduce occlusion or “plugged up” feeling

AGX® Hearing’s invisible hearing aid options give you the hearing clarity you want in tiny, powerful devices that will be noticed only by someone who knows you’re wearing them.

Invisible devices are available for all but the most severe types of hearing loss. With advanced sound processing and noise reduction technology, AGX Hearing’s Invisible hearing aids are ready for whatever listening situation you find yourself in. Going to a noisy restaurant? An important meeting? Simply want to relax and watch television with your family? Your aids will adjust to your environment, so you can enjoy the moments that make your life your own.

AGX Hearing’s invisible hearing aids respond to the world around you. Look your best and feel your best with devices that let you focus your energy on what you love — not your hearing aids.