Advantages of In the Canal hearing aids:

  • Custom molded for a precision fit
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Available with external controls
  • Larger battery provides longest battery life

In-the-Canal hearing aid fittings are custom-molded devices that sit just at the opening of the ear, and provide comfortable, discreet assistance for people with all types of treatable hearing loss. They can be built with an external control such as a push button to meet your specifications for quick and easy adjustments. In-the-Canal hearing aids are easy to insert and remove, won’t interfere with wearing glasses, and because they are custom molded offer all the benefits of a personalized, custom fit.

AGX Hearing’s In-the-Canal hearing aids are available in technology levels to suit every type of listening lifestyle. Whether you need state-of-the-art background noise reduction for crowded settings, or comfortable, easy-to-use technology for quieter settings, an In-the-Canal device can be built specifically for you and your hearing needs.