Through a short series of conversations, tests, and technology recommendations, you’ll be more empowered than ever to experience better hearing.

We call it the 4-Step Process. And it’s designed to make your path to better hearing as simple as it should be.

  1. Interview: The interview determines the nature of your concern and uncovers any specific areas that may require further attention. You’ll answer simple questions about your health history and lifestyle to give your AudigyCertified™ practice a clearer picture of your unique situation.
  2. Examination: The examination determines if the hearing difficulty you are experiencing could be caused by an obstruction — such as earwax — or by damage to the ear canal or eardrum. We all know how important it is to get our eyes and teeth checked routinely, it’s just as important to check our hearing.
  3. Diagnostics: The diagnostic process determines the nature of your hearing difficulties. This process may include hearing tests, depending on the assessment of your better-hearing needs.
  4. Solutions: The treatment-solution step determines what type of AGX Hearing technology is most appropriate for your hearing difficulty, your test results, and your desired listening lifestyle.